You can’t buy a great reputation. You have to earn it.


What People Are Saying

We’ve worked hard to build a great reputation as a driven, committed, and reliable partner.


Our great reputation is based upon the many incredible opportunities that we have had working with the best talent in the world. For example, we are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with colleagues, friends, and clients in fields spanning digital media, gaming, entertainment, and more. Their commitment to their work and their vision has always been inspiring. Moreover, they placed a high level of trust in our abilities, which allowed us to provide them with the best possible outcome.

What people are saying about Kickstand's great reputation


“Jeff is a vastly experienced senior executive who can really help organizations focus on the strategy of their organization whilst also ensuring that every action within the teams he leads links back to the achievement of that strategy.

What people are saying about Kickstand's great reputation


“Jeff is extremely well-connected and in touch with industry trends and could always provide insightful competitive benchmarks and strategic opportunities. Jeff is the rare kind of executive that can challenge you to think differently in the hopes of growing the business and unlocking new opportunities.”

What people are saying about Kickstand's great reputation


“Jeff has an amazing ability to see ideas from about 10 different angles instantly, refine, perfect and sell it in before the Powerpoint ink is dry. Kind and generous he is also insightful and driven. He has been a key member of the leadership team and if there was ever anybody with a ‘growth mindset’, Jeff would be it.”

What people are saying about Kickstand's great reputation


“I’ve worked for Jeff in two different companies. He gets games better than anyone else I know. And not just one genre, but many. Furthermore, his passion of creating fun games and business acumen about how to make them profitable. He also is a helpful and knowledgeable partner.”

What people are saying about Kickstand's great reputation


“Jeff is the Executive that I want to be when I grow up. He’s decisive, approachable, and humble. Jeff knows when to direct and when to watch from the side lines. He was always available when I needed a gut check. He helped me through some challenging times by giving honest and insightful advice.”

great reputation


“His strategic vision was a key asset to our team and it propelled our business forwards. Not only has Jeff been an inspirational leader to many of our remote teams, but he has also been a terrific mentor to me with my personal career development. He is a great asset to any organization!”