Business Consulting

At Kickstand, we see ourslves as an extension of your team. Your goals are our goals, and your plans and our plans. Our business development team is committed to driving the results that you are seeking whether it is pursuing the next big brand/IP or securing a publishing deal for your new title.

IP Licensing

Brand (or IP) licensing is an exciting and critical step for many companies. In general, licensing is the process of acquiring the legal rights to use certain elements uch as characters, brands, or intellectual property. This allows a developer to create games based on these licensed elements, attracting fans of the original content and increase the potential audience for the game. There are several types of video game licenses, including character licenses, franchise licenses, intellectual property, and more.


Business development for video game publishing involves a range of activities aimed at finding your game a ‘home’ inside the competitive video game industry. Kickstand can help you with everything from concept and research the market, networking with industry professionals, finding opportunities, seeking partnerships with other companies, and tuning your game’s unique value proposition. Moreover, we can assist you with both the contract negotiation as well as any requisite post-deal support of your transaction.