Proven, Global Experience

Kickstand is comprised of a team of dedicated executives with deep experience from around the world.

Kickstand is a truly global company. Our leadership team has managed and run businesses all around the world. Specifically, our operational background includes America, Canada, Israel, England, Spain, Ukraine, India, Korea, China, and more.

Along the way, we have guided every kind of business. We have helped lead iconic companies like Hasbro and Viacom. We also have worked at both international publishers and start-ups from around the world. As a team, we have helped build and run many of the biggest franchises in entertainment today. For example, we’ve worked with big, blockbuster brands like D&D, Monopoly, Risk, Clue, NFL, and many more.

In short, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Kickstand has seen it all – and we are here to help you succeed.

Executive leadership from around the world

Jeffrey Anderson, Founder

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in gaming and digital entertainment. He also brings a wealth of relevant and practical knowledge from around the world. A graduate from University of Chicago Law School, he has a rare combination of skills. Jeff has the legal training and hands-on leadership to provide you with practical advice. This diverse background is incredibly useful Kickstand’s clients.

A serial entrepreneur, Jeff is currently an active investor and board member. In particular, he is focused on growing teams and companies. He is passionate about products and marketing. His particular focus is on corporate advising and fundraising at Kickstand. In addition, he serves on several boards. Jeff is currently seeking a few additional clients. If you are interested, please reach out via the contract form.

Global talent from around the world

All Around The World

Kickstand’s team come from a diverse background. We have worked with teams across India, Korea, China, Spain, Israel, England, Israel, Ukraine, and more. We both understand and respect the important cultural differences. Likewise, we have great relationships with partners around the globe.

Additionally, we have worked on every kind of product. From digital media to gaming, and ecommerce to retail. Our members have built PC, console, and mobile titles. We have also been active in fundraising and board management.

Together, all of these experiences are incredibly helpful because they mean that we can help you at every stage. Kickstand has what it takes to guide you at each phase. Whether it is through new opportunities or complex transformations.